Established in 2011 on the initiative of the participants of the UNICA Student Conference 2010 in Rome, the UNICA GREEN (formerly UNICA Green Academic Footprint, UGAF) is a platform for Sustainability/Environmental Coordinators to discuss and exchange experience and practices in different elements of the implementation of environmental sustainability strategies at universities: strategic tools, environmental management systems, and best practices related to the day-to-day work of a sustainable management office, student involvement, and outreach. The annual UNICA GREEN Workshops gather Sustainaibility/Environmental coordinators, Vice-Rectors responsible for the implementation of institutional sustainability strategy from UNICA member universities, as well as representatives of UNICA GREEN Partners, peer networks, governmental bodies, and city authorities.


We are the universities in the capitals of Europe. We Pledge to Become Greener

We acknowledge that Environmental Sustainability is at our core mission and as universities, we have a unique:

  • potential and capacity to enhance knowledge and understanding, and provide necessary skills and innovation;
  • responsibility and duty toward raising awareness and enhancing sustainability literacy for students, staff and communities;
  • position and reason to develop our campuses as living laboratories of environmental sustainability in practice.

To meet the global environmental challenges we commit to:

  • promoting environmental sustainability in every aspect of our work at universities;
  • set environmental sustainability on top of our priorities;
  • work closely with policy makers, municipalities & communities, industry & business and other universities;
  • share examples of our green practice, evaluate and report our status, plans and progress to all stakeholders.