Walter R. Stahel is the founder-director of the Product-Life Institute in Geneva (founded in 1983), the oldest consultancy in Europe devoted to developing sustainable strategies and policies. Stahel has worked as business consultant in Europe, the USA and Asia on developing tools, efficiency and sufficiency solutions to foster sustainable development. With his paper "The Product-Life Factor", Stahel was one of the laureates of the Mitchell-Prize Competition on sustainable societies. A complete list of publications can be found on the website At the 2nd UNICA Green Academic Footprint Workshop, he will give a presentation “Sustainability and Economic Issues: the Role of Universities”

Prof. Stephen Sterling is the Head of Education for Sustainable Development, Educational Development (Teaching and Learning) at Plymouth University, England. He is responsible for supporting curriculum development, pedagogic change and a research programme related to exploring the implications of sustainabililty for higher education. He holds a PhD degree in Education, Systems Thinking and Sustainability, University of Bath. Member of the UNESCO Expert Reference Group for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) and the Socio-Scientific Advisory Committee of World Environmental Education Congress. At the 2nd UGAF Workshop, he will give a contribution on Transformative Learning and Change for Sustainability at Plymouth University

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