A group of over 30 agencies, organisations and associations, among them the UNICA Network came together in 2012 to influence Rio + 20 dialogues. The partnership, led by Copernicus Alliance with the support of UNU IAS and the International Association of Universities has generated a Higher Education Treaty for Rio+20. This Treaty is one of a series of People's Treaties developed to influence Rio+20 but also to make visible commitments across various sectors.

The process of influencing higher education to reorient itself towards sustainability is complex and a long term commitment. We are inviting others engaged in, and with, higher education to support this process by becoming signatories to the Treaty.

The Treaty will remain open for signatories until the 31st August. Plans will then be developed in the autumn to progress, as well as showcase, the efforts of signatories beyond 2012.

Download the People´s Sustainability Treaty on Higher Education

To become a signatory of the Treaty, please complete this form and return it before 31st August 2012 to Dr Ingrid Mulà at office@copernicus-alliance.org.