Saturday the 29th of September 2012 Italy rose to third place in the general rankings of the bioarchitecture Olympics! From the outside, a protective shield makes the house look rather unremarkable, but step past it into a leafy central courtyard and you'll feel like you've entered a whole new world.

MED in Italy is a clever play on words that refers to the fact that the home was made in Italy, but it also refers to the Mediterranean climate around which the home was designed. In order to be able to use wood as the main construction material and still maintain high energy performance, the team from Rome added wall layers that can be filled with heavy materials with good thermal mass once the home is installed.

In addition to catering to the typical Mediterranean lifestyle, the central courtyard acts as a buffer zone between the protective shield and the remaining home. Rainwater is collected underneath the deck to maintain the numerous plants in this verdant space, which contributes to water conservation.

Inside the home there is a bohemian feel. This is amplified by the colorful choice of decor and a giant fish painted on the wall, which elongates the compact space. The rooftop photovoltaic panels generate roughly 9.330 kWh of energy per year, nearly double what is necessary, while tubes of thermal sand store leftover energy that is used to heat the house overnight.

The «Med in Italy» team is formed by people coming from different areas and profits from their various areas of expertise. The board is represented by professors from the faculty of Architecture, Economy, and Engineering of Rome3 University and by a small team of industrial design from the Sapienza Rome University. Moreover, the Bolzano University (Science and Technology Faculty) and Fraunhofer provide the testing on the envelope stratigraphy. People from the staff are students of these faculties, professors and professionals coming from different sectors: communication, marketing, graphics, innovation.

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