Read on the Plant/ Life Balance webpage why plants are good to have around! For example proven health benefits plants include increasing concentration and memory. Being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Being outside in a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by 20%. Visits to parks and botanical gardens increase the cultural awareness and education of the community (children especially). This raises environmental consciousness and appreciation. There are many more reasons listed on their page!

Plant/Life Balance has launched an event called “Put a Plant on Your Desk”, where they gave away 20,000 desk plants. The benefits of having indoor plants around are:

  • Plants improve indoor air quality by removing harmful air pollutants! Indoor plants can reduce VOCs by 80% and CO2 by up to 25% (the more foliage, the better).
  • Indoor plants relieve staff stress and reduce negativity by up to 60%, while offices with no plants increase stress and negativity by up to 40%. Just one office plant is enough to make all the difference in rising mood and reducing stress levels.
  • Indoor plants promote productivity and performance as well as adding to workplace satisfaction. Comparison studies assessing workers who have plants in their office with those who don't, show greater productivity and efficiency with improved concentration levels when plants are present.
  • Indoor plants improve your health and well being by decreasing symptoms of coughing, dry throat, fatigue and dry, itchy facial skin. It has also been proven that cleaner air leads to better cardiovascular health and clearer thinking.
  • Office plants cut down staff sick leave by 60%.
  • Office plants enhance the perception of your property and image.

Read more about Plant/ Life Balance ideas, events and projects on their webpage here.