UGAF trainee attended Open Days Off event organized by Local Urban Development European Network (LUDEN). LUDEN is a network of public and third sector bodies which is focused on local urban development issues. A renowned Belgian architect Steven Beckers gave a presentation about Cradle to Cradle (C2C) concept. Steven is engaged with progressing the development of C2C integration in architecture, town planning and new products internationally. He is the founding partner of Lateral Thinking Factory. Lateral Thinking Factory contributes to better human habitat, by supporting both private and public stakeholders to define criteria for positive urban outcome. Mr Beckers gave a chance to learn about the C2C philosophy and offered an exercise to put the new knowledge to practise. C2C follows the patterns of nature, so there is no such thing as waste. “Using biological and technological nutrient cycles, the right materials are brought to the right place at the right time.” (EPEA, 2012) It is interesting for universities to think about the ways they could reduce waste or use it as a material to make something new. He spoke about a project from architecture students from The Netherlands: The Happy Healthy School. Their concept is simple: Humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out CO2. Plants do the opposite. By putting a greenhouse on top of the school, the indoor air is purified. More info here.

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