Greening with ICT: how to maximise the potential of low-carbon IT services to drive forward a sustainable Europe.

The EU Telecoms sector has gone through major market and technological changes over the past years. Faced with declining revenues, despite increased traffic, operators have to develop new business models and innovate in new services, to be able to meet the huge investment challenge ahead, in line with the Digital Agenda goal.

At the same time, low-carbon solutions do not only represent a new innovation area for telecoms operators, they also offer the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions across a variety of sectors.

What can be done to reduce further the carbon footprint and environmental impact of ICT companies, whilst continuing the generation of growth and jobs? What can be done to encourage both organisations and individuals to embrace low-carbon ICT services at a more rapid pace, and to ensure that ICT technologies are seen as a fundamental part of business and government strategy for reducing CO2 emissions? What role can the greening both of and with the ICT sector play in helping to meet the EU’s 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and competitive growth? Breakfast briefing in Brussels on 16.11.2012 will try to answer these questions.

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