The UNICA General Assembly 2012 took place at the University of Cyprus, 25-27 October.

5 September, 2012 to 8 September, 2012

“The vision of the World Student Environmental Network (WSEN) is to be the link connecting global students who are striving to progress with their universities to become incubators of the positive

The exhibition, launching worldwide in 2015, will be linked to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


What is “waste reduction”? For the purposes of the Eu


UGAF trainee attended Open Days Off event organized by Local Urban Developm


On 4th of October UNICA and UGAF trainees Marta and Liisi visited the Sustainable Barbecue at


Saturday the 29th of September 2012 Italy rose to third place in the general rankings of the bioarchitecture Olympics


We are delighted to announce that


A group of over 30 agencies, organisations and associations, among them the