1 September, 2013 to 7 September, 2013

From September 1st to 7th a European conference on sustainability for young adults (18-28 years) will be held in Bonn.

Create UNAOC is a global competition co-organized by the

Niccolò Ara, a student from University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, was awarded the 1st prize in the UGAF

“EcoNOVA / Think green” is the name of the campaign the Universidade Nova de Lisboa launched togethe

15 April, 2013 to 18 April, 2013

Green Campus is the event dedicated to eco-sustainability and green economy that took place from 15 to 18 April 2013 at the Faculty of Economics, University Roma Tre and was organi

6 June, 2013 to 7 June, 2013

The 3rd UNICA Green Academic Footprint Workshop: Universities as change agents for the cities' environmental sustainability will take place at the University of Lisbon, 6-7 June.


The UGAF city - Brussels has been selected to become


“Water holds the key to sustainable development, we must work together to protect and carefully manage this fragi


The HERA Awards (Higher Education and Research Awards for Future Generations) rewarding theses which integrate the pr