University of Lausanne (UNIL), founded in 1537
7 Faculties – 12,400 students, 3,100 staff


The weekly market provides the University community with local fresh products and encourages students and staff to eat local seasonal produce.


To set up a weekly market, an agreement was signed between the UNIL Rectorate and two student associations (FAE and UNIPOLY).
The Rectorate makes a site available (including cleaning and water).

Students from the two associations manage the market, i.e.:
- contacts with market sellers (market gardeners, cheese-makers and bakers from the region)
- assembly and dismantling of stands every Tuesday.

The agreement specifies that products offered must be produced by the sellers themselves in a people-friendly and environmentally-friendly way.
Since November 2011, it has also been possible to order seasonal baskets.


CHF 0.-


Market sales vary according to the weather and the campus population at any given time.
Being a fairly recent project, results as yet are difficult to evaluate.
The market is closed outside term time.


In place since May 2011



UGAF Best Practice Category:

Campus Management / Eco-consumption