Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB. Founded in 1834
24.000 students, 5.000 staff members, 4 campus (425.000 m2)


In order to apply the ULB environmental policy and to reduce our water consumption, a pilot project of waterless urinals has been implemented. The project answers two main requirements: to renovate and improve the comfort of lavatories due to the staff increase and a will to reduce our water consumption.


The project has been implemented in 2009 first in one building: at 3 floors: 3 lavatories/by floor. The system chosen, Urimat, has been the same that this employed at the German Highway stations. The patented and exchangeable drain trap insert siphon used collects the urine and discharges it (without using water) into the drainage system. No pollutant oils or chemicals are used. The float seal prevents production of any odours.
At the first installation, a specific and local communication is necessary in order to inform but also to receive users’ feedback.
In 2012, more than 200 waterless urinals are operational at our University.


500€ to 600 € / urimat


The project was a success and now the waterless urinals have been set as a standard for any renovation or new construction at the ULB. Not yet indicators regarding the impact of our water consumption. Good impact also for the visibility of our environmental policy. A mandatory requirement: a cautious technical installation.


Started in 2009



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