The University of Lausanne supports the idea that an energy transition cannot be solely technological and that it also involves a true plan for society, which requires institutional, economic, territorial and lifestyle changes.

To develop this idea, UNIL has designed, together with its partner Romande Energie, a research-action platform on the societal aspects of this transition, named Volteface. The project is co-financed by the Canton of Vaud within the framework of the «100 million for renewable energy and energy efficiency» programme.

In February 2015, Volteface organised an initial workshop with around 115 participants from different backgrounds (associations, politicians, public administrations, businesses, media, engineers, academics, students, etc.). The objective was to identify through a participatory approach the issues that needed to be addressed in the Volteface projects as well as in future events.

This workshop was followed by the first Rendez-vous of Volteface, where a panel of experts was asked to respond directly to votes cast by the audience (approximately 350 people) on issues concerning the need for an energy transition, the vision of our post-transition society, how to encourage people to consume less, and the stakeholders of this transition.

In 2015, Volteface made a call for projects with the specific criteria of leading the research project in partnership with a societal actor. 13 research-action projects were selected out of the proposed 33, anchored in six of UNIL’s seven Faculties. They aim to give answers to the above-mentioned questions. The project will run until the beginning of 2018, where a final Rendez-vous will be organized to report on the results of the research-action.

Learn more about this platform on the official website by following the link below (FR):