Who: Universidade de Lisboa – UL
Kindergarten Social Services of the University of Lisbon
Context: Promoting recycling practices at the University of Lisbon.
This initiative is included in the Green University Project, which aims to encourage and improve recycling on the campus.
Description: This project has been undertaken in the framework of a larger project "Green University", and counted the participation of a group of children from the Kindergarten run by the Social Services of the University of Lisbon. These children created and decorated eco-points which are exhibited at 3 Faculties of the University.
This initiative was intended to give greater emphasis to the importance of recycling through the example of the positive attitude demonstrated by children.
Project start: December 2010
Results: With this initiative, the Shared Services and Social Services of the University of Lisbon have performed well in the separation of waste into recycling containers. The University enhanced the awareness of students and staff on this issue.
Website: http://universidadeverde.campus.ul.pt/campanha-pequenos-e-ecologicos-1
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Campus Management / Waste