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The project "RENOVA (renew) your paper at UL " emerged in order to further rationalize the use of paper. It is aimed to decrease the waste of paper at the various Faculties of the University of Lisbon. Old newspapers, magazines read and re-read, no-longer-needed photocopies, printed drafts, obsolete correspondence and used envelopes ... can now gain a new life!


The 3R's +1R ... Reduce the amount of used paper, Re-use sheets of paper and Recycle unused paper, and one more new R ... Renewed Attitude are the main actions intend to convey this project at the University of Lisbon.
This service, sponsored by the Department of Sustainability, in partnership with the private company RENOVA, promotes a rational use of paper, as well as its recovery. This action aims to promote the collecting of discarded paper in exchange for toilet paper, 100% recycled product (RenovaGreen).
The project began in August 2011, and is being conducted in two phases, first through the collection of paper in large lots, and second with the collection of paper running in a continuous circuit.
The aim of this project is to achieve a cost reduction of paper consumables in the University and to increase the use of recycled paper in the Campus by an average of 10%, in the year of 2012.


1500 €


20 tons of paper recycled since the beginning of the project, corresponding to a credit of 500 rolls of recycled toilet paper of RenovaGreen.

Project start:

August 2011



UGAF Best Practice Category:

Campus Management / Waste