Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB. Founded in 1834
24.000 students, 5.000 staff members, 4 campus (425.000 m2)


For environmental reasons and to improve the cleanliness of the campus, a pilot project has been initiated by the students association, ACE, with the support of the environment coordinator. The idea was to "banish" the plastic cup from our campus during students recreation activities.


In order to change ways and customs progressively and guarantee its success, the pilot project started in 2009 and focused firstly on a limited number of students recreation activities (only parties and events organised by each student association in their premises). A partnership was developed with a non profit organisation, KOPO, to produce and clean the cups. 75.000 cups, designed with the ULB image, were bought by the students association ACE. They are in charge of the cups management, including the cautions and payback returns.


30.000 €. supported by public allowances.


The project has been implemented with enthousiasm. It evoluated so well, than since 2011, the use of re-use cup became a mandatory requirement for all event organizers either internal or external at the University. The cleanliness of the campus has significantly improved and our waste impacts reduced.


Pilote project 2009-2010. Implement in the mandatory event policy of the University: 2011.



UGAF Best Practice Category:

Campus management / eco consumption