Who: Roma Tre University, founded in 1992
8 schools, 32 departments - 35 340 students, 1 370 staff
Context: The Roma Tre University has a long term commitment in improving its sustainability and green footprint. As a result of this dedication, since 1998 there have been several initiatives such as a Car-Sharing programme and an intra-faculties bike lane giving the chance to students to borrow university bicycle for free.
Description: After the UNICA Student Conference 2010, held in Rome, and the UNICA Student Conference 2012, held in Oslo, Roma Tre University and specifically the Faculty of Humanities renewed its commitment to sustainability restoring a previous and bigger project regarding the installation of photovoltaic panels on the entire area of the parking lot of the Faculty of Humanities.
The Project aims at covering the whole parking lot area, of approximately 5000m2, with elevated photovoltaic panels orientated south and a transformer room.
Budget: The estimated price for the entire Project should be around 230.000 €.
UGAF Best Practices Category: Campus Management/ Energy