Université libre de Bruxelles – ULB. Founded in 1834
24.000 students, 5.000 staff members, 4 campus (425.000 m²)

The main campuses of the ULB are situated in Brussels, central place of Europe, but also of Brussels traffic jams! Numerous actions are undertaken to boost public transport, walking or cycling in order to decrease individual car use and improve air quality in the capital, especially during the European Mobility week, in which the university takes part.

The university has been selected to participate in the action called “Au travail sans ma voiture” (Going to work without my car) together with 9 other Brussels companies. The action is carried out by the Brussels Office for Mobility.

In the framework of the action, public transport and bike passports for the duration of the Mobility Week are offered to workers who usually go to work by car.

Moreover, the Mobility Coordination of the ULB organises:
1. “Mobility Stand” where the main Brussels mobility actors will be present to provide useful information to the university public and to deliver season tickets.
2. Bike-repair stand.
3. Picture competition with a prize of a go-and-return to Paris by train for the best picture illustrating “my way to work without my car”.

The Brussels Office for Mobility contributes to a large part.
Picture competition: max. 350 €

1 week on an annual basis

European Mobility Week: http://www.mobilityweek.eu/
ULB Mobility: www.ulb.ac.be/mobilite
ULB Mobility Week Flyer (in French)