Who: University of Lisbon, founded in 1911
8 faculties - 20 000 students, 1 800 staff
Context: The Faculty of Science of the U. of Lisbon installed its first rooftop garden at the Institute of Higher Education. The initiative is a result of a cooperation between the Centre for Environmental Biology of Faculty of Sciences, Galp, Neoturf and ZinCo. The total area of the rooftop garden is 155,25 m2.
Description: The rooftop garden is a system which involves the application of soil and vegetation on the waterproof layer installed on the roof of buildings. Professor Cristina Branquinho (lecturer and researcher at the Center of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Sciences) comments: "This type of coverage offers several benefits including the regulation of internal temperature of buildings, protection of the roof of the buildings; retaining 50% and 90% of rainfall in winter and summer, respectively, the possibility of integrating indigenous species of Mediterranean flora; carbon sequestration in plant biomass and promoting biodiversity by creating habitats within the city, which attract birds and insects."

The University of Lisbon believes the pioneering example of the Faculty of Science and the use of a innovative technology with so many environmental and educational benefits can be replicated by other units or institutions.
Project start: January 2013
Website: http://universidadeverde.campus.ul.pt/cobertura-ajardinada
UGAF Best Practice Category: Campus Management/ Sustainable Buildings