A forestry management plan drawn up in 2011 planned to isolate an «island» of old woodland to create a quiet zone in the middle of the forest where flora and fauna, including birds and bats, can live without human intervention. Some trees of high ecological value were identified and are now protected. Important work to reassign footpaths and maintain embankments was undertaken. Several months were needed to build new trails, steps and three walkways for the security and convenience of campus users and walkers from outside.

In October 2014, Dorigny Forest was opened with a guided walk. Information panels describing flora and fauna were installed to allow visitors to discover the denizens of the 12 hectares of this forest.

This project is the result of years of discussions and collaboration between the State of Vaud Department responsible for forests and the technical departments of UNIL, which operates this forest, and scientists, for whom Dorigny Forest serves as a terrain for practical fieldwork and research.