Who: University of Lisbon, founded in 1911
8 faculties - 20 000 students, 1 800 staff
Context: The University of Lisbon (UL) made the connection of four units of electricity production from renewable resources. This action constitutes the first phase of a more ambitious project that aims to achieve by October 2013 more than 2 MW of installed capacity across all the University, through the placement of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings, car parks and areas of leisure.
Description: The projects to install photovoltaic panels on the UL have a local and national importance. This action plan is integrated in the environmental sustainability plan for the University of Lisbon whose goal is the commitment to sustainability, promotion of green practices and reduction of university's green footprint.

In the first phase of the project four power units were installed with the total number of 2627 photovoltaic panels, corresponding to an installed capacity of 644 kW and covering a total area of 8495 m2 in UL.

The model is based on the grant for construction and operation of power stations donated by the Galp Power company. The UL hasn't invested in the project but there is a perspective of sharing the returns from the sale of electricity to the grid. This will provide the UL extraordinary financial resources that will be directly applicable for promoting and introducing measures to promote energy efficiency and rationalization of consumption in the university buildings.

After finishing the project, what is planned for September 2013, it is expected that over 10,000 photovoltaic panels will be installed, corresponding to an installed capacity of more than 2 MW and allowing to reach a production of 4.28 GWh per year, enough power for approximately 1,600 families. Consequently, it will be one of the largest projects producing electricity from renewable sources in the city of Lisbon and institutions of higher education in Portugal.

Results: Energy production of 4.28 GWh per year and reduction of CO2 emission by 12,106 tonnes per year.
Project start: November 2012 to October 2013
Website: http://universidadeverde.campus.ul.pt/paineis-fotovoltaicos
UGAF Best Practice Category: Campus Management / Energy