Who: University of Oslo (UiO), founded in 1811
8 faculties - 27 000 students, 6 000 staff
Context: In April 2012 Blindern Student Garden Association established and is currently responsible for managing the student garden at Blindern campus at the University of Oslo.
Description: In record time a garden has grown out of nothing. In April a group of enthusiastic students got permission to start working in an old professor garden and today the garden has over 40 different plants growing and over 200 students have participated in the making and tending of the garden. In 2012 it won the prestigious award of “this years newcomer” at the U. of Oslo annual party.

The goal is to tend an ecological garden to increase students consciousness about urban organic food production. It is also an important social meeting area and recreational space for students.

Participation in the garden activities is open to all students and no previous knowledge of gardening is required. Association hosts a weekly “dugnad” (Norwegian word for getting together and working as volunteers). Everyone is welcomed to join. Every dugnad has a host, that welcomes everyone and gives out tasks for garden work. Gatherings are informal and social, sometimes turning into a barbecue.
Project start: April 2012
Results: Students' awareness about the production of organic food has been enhanced and environmental practies have been spread. Moreover, students got the new place for social meetings where they can combine pleasure with useful and meaningful work.
Webpage: http://studenthagen.wordpress.com/english/
UGAF Best Practice Category: Campus Management/Landscape