UGAF School on Green IT

University of Oslo - 7 to 11 October, 2013 (5 days)

Green IT is much more than turning printers and monitors off when you leave the office: it embodies an entire cycle including manufacture, procurement, use and disposal of IT technologies and services. The 1st UGAF School on Green IT (University of Oslo, 7-11 October) provided a comprehensive understanding of the planning and implementation of Green IT strategy and practice.

The school gathered 15 professionals including: Sustainability consultants, IT managers, IT technical Staff, systems and network administrators and IT postgraduate students.


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The design of this program was based on inspiration from the Green IT Certificate offered by University British Columbia (UBC) Continuing Studies and the University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education and it had been finalised together with senior IT professionals and scientist from UNICA universities working with the related topics. It was to provide a comprehensive understanding of the planning and implementation of Green IT strategy and practice. This program had 2 main folds:
• How/Why IT should become green?
• How IT can make other practices at the university greener?


The program covered the following topics:
• Sustainability and its relationship to Green It
• Component of Green IT including: power consumption, cloud computing, virtualization, thin computing and virtual desktop, networking and infrastructure, mobile workforce, telecommuting, waste stream and recycling, regulations and incentives
• Issues related to data center planning and management
• Assessment of the costs and benefits associated with Green IT practices
• Digital signatures and soft copy only contracts, video conferencing as an alternative to travel, digital documents and collaboration to reduce paper,
• Evaluation of current IT system of universities, assessment strategies, optimizing existing resources, software tools for assessment
• Other topics such as hardware recycling policies, data security, corporate social responsibility

Curriculum topics:
• Introduction to Sustainability and Green Computing & Corporate Social Responsibility/ Hidden costs
• Power Consumption/ Energy management/ Energy Audit / Green resource consideration
• Evaluating your organization: Life Cycle assessment, Work flow analysis and assessment strategies, Analysing shifting resource use and optimizing existing resources, software tools for assessment
• Software licencing issues including license management, software purchase: web vs, desktop applications
• Virtualization of desktop, thin computing
• Mobile devices
• Green storage solutions
• Cloud computing efficiency, Disaster recovery issues within the cloud, creating and obtaining SLA’s for cloud services, Pros and Cons of cloud services, Data Security
• Hardware: Planning, purchasing, Data Center Box
• Moving to Paperless office/ Digital Documents / Digital signatures and soft copy only contracts
• Video and teleconferencing as an alternative to Travel
• E-waste and recycling system, reusing the rare materials
• Managing change: communicating, incentivizing behavioural change and better user practices
• Best practices: Clean Tech Industries, Green Product Design, Green IT System
• Hazards to environment and health

If you need any additional information on the content of the UGAF Green IT School, please contact Maryam Faghihimani (University of Oslo):